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Art.807 Oil protector for leather, 250 ml

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Oil protector is a colourless, natural impregnating agent for all kinds of leather items and fabric insert like sympatex membrane, goretex etc. It improves the elasticity of the leather and protects from moisture and dirt. Highly recommended to use it on new shoes or other leather goods. When used regularly protects against stains caused by dirt and salt. Does not inhibit the breathing properties of leather and fabric. Dims and revives the original colour.

Instruction for use: Remove the dirt and dust with cloth or brush. Shake well and spray evenly over entire surface from distance of ca 20 cm. Do not allow leather to soak. Keep the container in an upright position. Use only in well ventilated room. Repeat application after complete drying. It is recommended to make sample on the hidden leather element and abandon impregnation if undesired effect occurs.

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