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Other foot protection

Proper protection of the foot is necessary both during rehabilitation and during preventive measures. That is why our assortment has become, among others, bunions bands, as well as various types of heels, heels and half-inserts. We offer them in many material variants, including pecari leather, gel, latex and even solutions with an admixture of cork. Applied to different areas of this part of the body, they will provide them with adequate protection against abrasions or other types of damage.

In our assortment you will find corrective braces for the feet, including a bunion camera, whose task is to correct the position of the big toe on an ongoing time. It is fastened with Velcro, thanks to which the band does not slide off during operation. Our insoles can also, among other things, reduce the level of pain felt, e.g. in the metatarsus.

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