In 1924, the first cork factory in Poland was established in Lviv, which, in addition to the production of corks for baczyński's vodka factory, made wedge (heels), footwear insoles and cork heels. After the war, production continued in Krakow and Wrocław. Based on the family traditions of two generations of craftsmen, the MARATONfamily business was founded in 1984.
Almost all of us are born with healthy feet. Despite this, according to medical statistics, 70% of people have permanent or periodic foot-related ailments. The main reason for this state of affairs is footwear. In pursuit of fashion or because of the price, we buy shoes that do not always provide us with comfort of functioning in our busy and hastily life.
The effect of this is fatigue of the feet, a feeling of heaviness and stiffness in the feet, "burning" of the sole, swollen ankles, swelling, calluses, calluses, heel pain (spurs), deformities of the fingers (halluxy), transverse flat feet accompanied by constant and dull pain or longitudinal flat feet with pain when standing or walking, frequent and severe sweating of the feet, feeling of cold feet and fingers, mycosis, etc.
Improving this condition and ensuring the comfort of the feet despite the defects of the footwear is a task that our company has set itself. Various types of elements and insoles produced by Maraton properly selected can definitely improve the comfort of walking in any footwear.
Many years of experience in the footwear industry allows us to skilfully combine the properties of natural materials with modern technologies, which results in a high standard, quality, aesthetics and convenience of using our company's products. We are open to innovation. We are constantly increasing the offer of manufactured products and the range of footwear accessories offered to customers based on the analysis of the customer market and its suggestions, current trends in the industry and modern technologies.