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Our company has been operating on the Polish market for many years, and the very extensive experience gained during this time allows us to offer various types of protective accessories. The offer of the online store includes, among others, masks, which protect the respiratory tract against bacteria, smoke, exhaust fumes and other air pollutants. The presented accessories are made of very durable materials, which ensures their comfortable use even for a long time.

Smog protection

The protective masks we offer are an excellent protection against harmful exhaust fumes and dust. They can be used, for example, on construction sites, where the accumulation of machinery and dust is so large that appropriate air filtration is necessary. The accessory is made of durable material and equipped with a very efficient 5-layer filter. The protective mask is reusable at any time of the year. The product is available in several color variants, and the PZH certificate is a guarantee of meeting quality and safety standards. In addition, the company's offer also includes cotton products, which can be easily cleaned and reused.

Disposable accessories

We also offer protective masks suitable for single use. They are an excellent protection of the respiratory tract, primarily against impurities and bacteria transmitted by droplets. They are made of as many as 3 protective layers, and the nose clamp prevents the product from falling and moving. Fixing with ear bands makes it easier to put on and remove the mask, and additionally causes that you can forget about its presence on the face very quickly.

We invite you to see all the proposals of our online store. We also offer filters that are available in universal sizes and configurations, so they can be used in most PM 2.5 masks on the market.

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